How to get your licence back after a drink driving offence

Driving with a Blood or Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) over the legal limit is a serious offence. Factors such as your age, the type of licence you hold, and what your offence was can impact the degree of penalties you are faced with.

After receiving a fine and having your licence cancelled for a determined period you will be able to apply to have your licence reinstated.

As of the 30th April 2018 all drivers who commit either a drink, drug or combined drink and drug driving offence are required to complete a Behaviour Change Program. Once completed you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

An alcohol interlock will also need to be installed in your vehicle for a minimum of 6 months once you have your license returned. An Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate will be issued to you once this has been completed.

Steps to getting your licence back.

Upon meeting all of your relicensing requirements and the conclusion of the license cancellation period, you will be able to apply to have your license reissued.

  • Refrain from driving while your licence is suspended or cancelled.
  • Pay any fines that you have received.
  • Have an alcohol interlock installed into your vehicle.
  • Enrol into a Behaviour Change Program once you have received your relicensing letter from VicRoads.
  • Collect all documents required by VicRoads for the reissue process. These include your Behaviour Change Program Certificate of Completion, the Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate, Evidence of your Identity, and an application form.
  • Have ready the reissue fee for your application.

Depending on the severity of your charges there may be further restrictions placed on you by the Magistrate. Be sure to speak with a lawyer before attending any court dates and ensure that you have prepared for your hearing/s.

Arrow Health offers VicRoads approved Behaviour Change Programs. Please contact us on 03 9533 7888 to get your life back on the road.