Pre-Admission Program

We provide support and guidance between booking and admission

The Arrow Health Pre-Admission Support Program is a valuable and free service for clients who have booked an admission with Arrow Health. This program aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to clients throughout their journey from booking an admission to the actual admission date, ensuring a smoother transition and a more positive treatment experience.


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Key Features

Personalised Weekly Calls

Clients who have confirmed their admission with Arrow Health are assigned a dedicated intake support worker. This trained professional reaches out to the client on a weekly basis, establishing a consistent and supportive connection.

Emotional and Practical Support

The intake support worker is equipped to provide emotional support, address any concerns, and answer questions the client might have about the upcoming treatment process. They also assist with logistical and practical matters related to the admission, such as what to pack, transportation arrangements, and paperwork.

Information Sharing

he Pre-Admission Program ensures that clients are well-informed about what to expect during their treatment. This includes details about the treatment approach, therapy modalities, daily routines, and any specific requirements or guidelines.

Customised Guidance

The support worker tailors their guidance and information sharing to the individual needs of each client. They take into consideration any specific preferences, medical history, or concerns the client may have.

Building Rapport

By providing ongoing support and maintaining regular contact, the support worker aims to build a positive rapport with the client. This rapport can contribute to a greater sense of comfort and ease when the client arrives for treatment.

Addressing Anxiety

The period leading up to admission can be anxiety-inducing for many clients. Weekly calls help alleviate this anxiety by offering a reliable channel for clients to discuss their worries, uncertainties, and expectations.

Enhancing Engagement

By engaging with clients prior to admission, Arrow Health aims to establish a foundation of trust and collaboration. This often leads to increased engagement and participation once the client starts their treatment program.

Continuity of Care

The Pre-Admission Support Program emphasises continuity of care, ensuring that the transition from the initial contact to the treatment itself is as seamless as possible.

Does private health insurance cover any of the costs?

Yes. Arrow Health is a private health fund endorsed facility. Private health insurance usually covers up to 30 days of detox and longer term Psychiatric Day Programs. We run these programs within our very own accredited Private Hospital. The private health insurance excess will vary depending on your level of cover.

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