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Different to other rehabs. Experts in addiction treatment. Here’s how.

Whether your loved one is using or not,
you can still have a good relationship with them.

Arrow Health's Lawrence Family

Are you worried about someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol?

Our Family Program is for the family and loved ones of an addict.
We know how to help because we have been where you are.

Arrow Health will support you to support your loved one to seek help. We will help you regain control of your life despite the addict’s life choices.

“I’m worried about my son. His behaviour is really erratic and he’s hearing voices.”

We invite and encourage you to learn about addiction, get support and begin to repair relationships.

“I’ve learnt excellent strategies for changing communication styles, de-escalating dramas and looking after myself!”

Family-Inclusive Approach

Family Addiction Support | Arrow Health
Programs have been designed with a family-inclusive approach because Arrow Health recognises both the importance of family in the recovery process, and the effects and impacts of addiction on the family. We not only care about the individual struggling with addiction but also help families understand addiction and recovery so they can provide effective support.

Are you doing your research and looking into different rehabs?

We have put together a handy guide for you detailing all the questions to ask if you are looking into private rehab. With so many options out there it can be difficult to know what to ask to make sure that you or your loved one receives effect treatment with no hidden costs.

Real Stories


Sister of Former Client

Our whole family is a lot closer and we have a much better relationship with each other now. We are all on the same page. My brother has said that the change in us, in our reactions and the way we communicate now is helping him and our whole family. It’s like you said, we can get through this with love and support and on both sides with lots of tools and skills acquired along the way.


Father of Former Client

Over the past few years, two people in my family were using drugs and their addictions were tearing our family apart. When all seemed lost, we came to Arrow Health for family counselling. Our counsellor’s ability to recognise the effects addiction had placed on both the individuals and the family was unbelievable. Her insight was eye-opening and very comforting. We were guided through rebuilding the family structure that had imploded and was given tools to move forward. We strongly recommend Arrow Health to any family facing the effects of addiction.


Wife of Former Client

As we made our way up the driveway I was struck by the beauty of the countryside and the lovely building. The bedrooms are cosy and comfortable. It felt like a sanctuary. It was comforting knowing that my husband was in a safe place with experienced staff and I’m happy to say – he’s like a different person now. It’s not always easy, but things are getting better each day.


Brother of Former Client

I no longer feel alone on the journey, I have a wonderful sense of support from both Arrow and other families.


Mother of Former Client

Thanks to Arrow Health I now have a terrific understanding of how family members get caught up – and trapped – into behaviours that in the end are damaging and unhelpful for both the addict and themselves.


Father of Former Client

You have taught us how to no longer be manipulated anymore or at least not as easily as before and the video really made me realise what the disease of addiction really is. Previously, I always thought that it was mind over matter not realising that there was actual science involved.


Sister of Former Client

Finally I can understand the effects of addiction – both physical and psychological – on family members. I thought I was going mad.


Father of Former Client

I have a vastly improved knowledge of the disease, the short and long-term effects on the brain, the difficulties and challenges (both physical and mental) during recovery and the common-ness and reasons for relapse.

It’s So Much Money

“We can’t afford it, we’ve already given so much. Plus, they’ve spent all their money and have nothing left.”

Addiction doesn’t just go away. At some point, they will need treatment. There are long delays in the public system and sometimes, private rehab is the only option.

The cost of rehab is around $380 per day. The average ice habit costs $350 per day. Knowing they are safe and getting help is priceless.

Get in touch to discuss payment options.

FREE Family First Step Program

Where the family experience recovery for themselves.

Family Addiction Support | Arrow HealthThe first of its kind in Australia, the Family First Step Program will teach you skills to help you better understand what you are dealing with and incorporate strategies to cope. The power of the program comes from education, hearing other’s stories and knowing you are not alone.

What’s involved?

Weekly meetings run for a period of six consecutive weeks at our Armadale office.
It is free for families and friends who are concerned about a loved one’s substance use.

Week 1

Introduction and Understanding Addiction:
Is it really a disease? A neuro-science perspective.

Week 2

Coping with stress and strain, family recovery, understanding relapse and crisis intervention.

Week 3

Stages of change, drama triangles, roles, changing outcomes and breaking through denial.

Week 4

Enabling and detachment, setting boundaries, confronting fears and healthy communication.

Week 5

Grief, awareness and acceptance.

Week 6

Ongoing support and mutual aid. Testimonials from recovery champions of AA, NA and Alanon.


Sister of Former Client

My brother is a drug addict. Amongst trying to juggle work and other life commitments, my mum and I were completely stressed out and despite seeing doctors, addiction doctors, various specialists and counsellors, nothing gave us practical advice that actually helped us. Your course that you run SAVED us and our family! You gave us an environment of support, with practical advice that we could put to use..


Mother of Former Client

Thank you for the compassion that I felt from you the first time I phoned about needing help for my son. You understood how desperate I felt and every time I phoned I felt your reassurance that you were all walking along beside me. You helped my son and the Family First Step Program helped my family understand what was going on, learn to take care of ourselves and find out the best way we could offer support.

How to talk to someone about their addiction

It can be challenging to know how to talk to a loved one struggling with an addiction. You want to convey your love and support while avoiding miscommunication, which can all feel a bit like walking on egg shells. Here are some tips from the team at Arrow Health.

Family Counselling

Support for yourself

Increased recovery success rate

Most effective way to address substance dependency

Family Counselling | Arrow Health

What does it involve?

We combine different family therapy theories and practise with a holistic approach.

Qualified and highly experienced family therapists provide education, strategies and structured support on:

  • Boundaries: setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Communication: dealing with conflict, working towards mutual respect, understanding and being heard
  • Enabling: what is it, how is it different to helping and what you can do about it
  • Co-dependency: how to recognise it and begin to change it
  • Family systems: understanding family dynamics

This encourages the healing of interpersonal relationships and offers insight as to what to expect from each other in the future.

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