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Treatment, rehabilitation and long-term support for addicts and their families.

Arrow Health - Addiction Treatment Services Melbourne, Victoria

Inpatient Program & Detox

A comprehensive 30-90 day residential rehab based on current research and extensive experience. Private hospital detox, health insurance claimable. Safe and discrete.

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> Detox

Family Addiction Support | Arrow Health

Family Support

Free support for families. Information, education and counselling available. We support you to support your loved one to get help

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> Adolescent Program

VicRoads Behaviour Change Program | Arrow Health

Vicroads Behaviour Change Program

If you’ve lost your license due to drink/drug driving, we can help you get it back. Drink & Drug Behaviour Change Programs delivered by clinical specialists in drug and alcohol.

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Intervention Services | Arrow Health - Addiction Support for Friends and Families

Intervention Service

Do you know someone suffering from addiction who is unable or unwilling to get the help they need? Our intervention service can help.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation Program | Arrow Health

Outpatient Program

Kooyong Rd House offers counselling, recovery coaching and an extensive 10-day outpatient program based on international best practice.

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Forensic Services for Addiction | Arrow Health

Forensic Services

Do you have any legal issues? In custody? Looking for bail options? We offer onsite forensic assessments, comprehensive reports, and clinician court appearances.

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Why Choose Arrow Health?


Evidence-based, cutting-edge programs that are aligned with current, international best practise and developed by doctors.


Individualised treatment options and dedicated case management to best meet every client’s unique needs.


Holistic, multifaceted approach to addiction treatment delivering real results.


Free family support program and a family-inclusive approach that recognises the critical role of family and supports both clients and their families.


Staff are qualified, experienced and personally familiar with addiction through first-hand experience or within their family.


Programs and individual treatment plans are overseen by doctors. We also run an onsite, accredited Private Hospital for detox, often claimable on private health insurance.


Integrated services in one location providing detox & withdrawal in a hospital environment followed by medically supervised long term rehabilitation & treatment.


Staff are qualified, experienced and personally familiar with addiction through first-hand experience or within their family.


Trusted provider of choice for several public, private and government organisations.


Program costs are all-inclusive with a transparent, clear fee structure and refund policy*. There are no hidden extras.


Safe, discrete and picturesque residential rehab in a rural setting where clients are made comfortable in a private room with ensuite.


Adheres to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s Code of Conduct for general health service providers in Victoria.


After living with and losing a loved one to addiction, Arrow Health was developed out of love and our programs are based on hope, not fear.


Are you concerned about yourself or someone you love? Would you like to chat with someone about addiction?

Register for a free 20 minute phone consultation with one of our friendly clinicians.

Support for Families

As a family, we have been in your position.

We see families as part of the solution. We know how to help because we have been where you are.

Addiction support for families | Arrow Health

Free Family Info Sessions

Get your questions answered and find out what to expect when your family member is in rehab.

Free Family First Step Program

We will help you understand addiction, teach you strategies to cope, support you to support your loved one to seek help, and teach you how to support your loved one during and post-treatment.

Parents of Adolescents Program

A family program for parents of adolescent addicts (12-25 years old). Get the support you need, learn about addiction and discover how to help.


By engaging in our intervention program, you don’t need to wait until your loved one has lost everything to get them the help they need.

Family Counselling

Qualified and highly experienced therapists can support you to repair relationships and take control of your life despite the addict’s life choices.

Questions To Ask

If you are looking into private rehab

With so many private rehabs out there, there are some questions that must be asked to ensure you are getting effective treatment and value for money with no hidden costs.

Arrow Health Other Rehabs
Are all staff at the rehab qualified in addiction treatment, psychology, counselling or social work? Yes ?
Is the program overseen by directors with medical and neuroscience degrees? Yes ?
Are your programs evidence based and can I view your Clinical Approach? Yes ?
Do you have a refund policy? Yes ?
Will I have my own room with a double bed and ensuite? Yes ?
Can I inspect the facility before I commit? Yes ?

Real Stories


Former Client

Arrow didn’t care that I was in custody when my wife first approached them. They told us that it didn’t matter how I came to rehab, as long as I got there. And it was the support and structure provided by the Arrow program that directed me onto my path of recovery. Doing the Arrow program taught me a lot about the disease of addiction and everything that comes with it. Arrow introduced me to group therapy and counselling. I have learned to prioritise my recovery every day. I have been able to reconnect with my family and develop new friendship groups with people that are supportive and experiencing the same things as me. I am 6 months clean and most importantly have the tools in place to manage my recovery and finally get my life back on track.


Former Client

When I came into Arrow I was fragile, broken and felt like I was beaten by my addiction. I’d lost all hope and burnt a lot of bridges. I walked out of my assessment and felt like I had a chance. From my first day of treatment, the staff were great. They made it easier. I learnt a lot and now, 6 months later, I feel like a new man.


Former Client

After years of ‘keeping up appearances’, I came to Arrow Health because I’d tried everything and couldn’t stay clean. My approach wasn’t working. I was broken. Years of using had left me lonely and disconnected. Being at Arrow Health was the first time I felt like I belonged in a very long time. There’s no miracle cures or quick fixes, but in terms of learning some core skills and starting the journey to recovery, I couldn’t have asked for a better place than Arrow Health.


Wife of Former Client

As we made our way up the driveway I was struck by the beauty of the countryside and the lovely building. The bedrooms are cosy and comfortable. It felt like a sanctuary. It was comforting knowing that my husband was in a safe place with experienced staff and I’m happy to say – he’s like a different person now. It’s not always easy, but things are getting better each day.


Father of Former Client

Over the past few years, two people in my family were using drugs and their addictions were tearing our family apart. When all seemed lost, we came to Arrow Health for family counselling. Our counsellor’s ability to recognise the effects addiction had placed on both the individuals and the family was unbelievable. Her insight was eye-opening and very comforting. We were guided through rebuilding the family structure that had imploded and was given tools to move forward. We strongly recommend Arrow Health to any family facing the effects of addiction.


Former Client

Arrow helped me to regain my life even when I thought I was out of options. I was kicked out for breaking the rules, but after re-engaging and concentrating on the program they helped me to see what drugs really did to me and how it affected my family. I will always be grateful!!!!

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