Recovery is within your reach.

Do you think you or someone you care about might have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Not sure if things are bad enough to need rehab?

Counselling is a good place to start. At Arrow Health, our counselling sessions are tailored to meet your needs as an individual based on what you are experiencing in the moment, whilst also focusing on your triggers and learning strategies to support your recovery.

Counselling | Arrow Health

Counselling will help you:

  • Work out if it is your substance use that it the problem or something else
  • Begin to understand more about your substance use and addiction
  • Identify triggers
  • Learn strategies for recovery
  • Overcome behaviours that impede the ability to live life to its fullest

Benefits of Family Counselling

Addiction impacts more than just the person battling addiction. Families are on the battlefield right beside them and it can be extremely difficult to maintain healthy relationships when you are in the thick of it. There are many benefits of family counselling within addiction treatment.

Our Counsellors

Arrow Health’s counselling service is delivered by highly experienced, qualified professionals – each with over 8 years’ experience in providing counselling for addiction and mental health issues.

Our Clinical Approach is evidence-based, holistic and multi-dimensional and provides education, strategies and structured support to ensure the best possible outcomes, tailored to meet individual needs.

Dr Ari Roxburgh

Dr Ari Roxburgh

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology & convenor for the Australian Psychological Society’s special interest group for substance use
Dr Charlotte Ho

Dr Charlotte Ho

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

BSSci (Family Studies)
DPsych (Forensic)
MPsych (Clinical)
Dr Belinda Mackie

Dr Belinda Mackie

PhD School of Psychology and Psychiatry
Monash University Registered Practicing Psychoanalyst
Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis
Julie Lieber

Julie Lieber

Family Counsellor

Bachelor in Mental Health Alcohol and Drugs (Dual Diagnosis)
Diploma Alcohol and Drugs
Certificate in Youth Skills

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