Outpatient Program

Our aim, your recovery.

“I know I have a problem but there’s no way I have time to go to rehab.”

The Outpatient Program is an 12-day program specifically designed for people with substance abuse issues who are unable to take time out from their family or work commitments.

Our program is a quality, responsive and personalised day program which will help you identify personal recovery goals and assist in making the changes necessary to reach them.

We don’t believe that one size fits all and we don’t repackage the 12 steps. We have our own evidence-based programs. Come in for an assessment and we will tailor a program for you. Our in-person program operates in Armadale and we offer an online option to participate for those unable to be on site.

The Focus

  • Understanding addiction
  • Building motivation to change
  • Identifying challenges and resources
  • Learning to deal with both challenges and successes


  • Ongoing support & access to counselling
  • 4 weeks Intensive Addiction Treatment Program:
    • 12 sessions
    • 3 hours per day, 3 days per week
    • Small groups
    • Group therapy, education and relapse prevention based on current international best practice
The next program starts August 13, 5pm – 8pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

The Program is based on applied evidence-based research and embraces the notion that sustained recovery is linked with the building of recovery capital such as:

Outpatient Program | Arrow Health
There is also ongoing Aftercare support via zoom each week for a further four weeks following the completion of the

Week 1

Introduction to Arrow Health, Addiction and Treatment Consequences of Substance Abuse

Distress Tolerance Saying NO

Stages of Recovery & Triggers and Cravings

Week 2

Family & Other Relationships Drama Triangle

Emotional Regulation Stress Management and Relaxation (Meditation)

Physical Wellbeing and Recovery Sleep, Diet and Exercise (Yoga)

Week 3

Mutual Aid Groups and Peer Support Continuous Care Plan

Addiction and the Brain Neuroscience of Addiction

Positive Psychology Spiritual/Mental Recovery

Week 4

Recovery Tools, Challenges and Gifts Guest Speaker(s)/Continuous Care Plans

Defence Mechanisms Chain Analysis

Continuous Care Plans/Guest Speakers Feedback/follow up

* this is an example program and the content may change slightly week to week


Are you concerned about yourself or someone you love? Would you like to chat with someone about addiction?

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Team Members

Toby Lawrence

Toby Lawrence


Bachelor in Behavioural Neuroscience
Masters in Management
Dr Belinda Mackie

Dr Belinda Mackie

PhD School of Psychology and Psychiatry
Monash University Registered Practicing Psychoanalyst
Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis
Julie Lieber

Julie Lieber

Family and Addiction Counsellor

Bachelor in Mental Health Alcohol and Drugs (Dual Diagnosis)
Qualified in Family Systems Therapy
Diploma Alcohol and Drugs
Certificate in Youth Skills

Real Stories


Former Client

The program gave me the foundation and the tools to succeed in my recovery. The sessions were run with articulation, and knowledge, conveyed with great story telling with wit, humour and highly engaging. The facilitators worked seamlessly together to deliver the program and were very engaging, thoughtful and inspiring. I 100% recommend the Outpatient Program as a great beginning to someone’s recovery journey.


Former Client

I found meeting with people who share similar situations dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, positive and I would definitely recommend the Outpatient Program to others.


Former Client

It was great to learn and grown with fellow participants. For the mediators to have lived recovery experience and to listen to the stories from guests in recovery was a highlight. A great mix of learning the science, hearing lived experiences and planning for life after the program.

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