Client Story: This Rehab Was Different

This rehab was different to the others i’d been to…

Arrow Health was not my first rehab. I actually came to Arrow after leaving another rehab where I was horrified at the way the program and facility was run. The staff here have been helpful and open to hearing about my problems and issues. They made me feel like they really do care as opposed to other places where it feels like all they see is dollar signs.

I did a 60 day inpatient rehab program at Arrow Health.

I came here hoping there would be more structure and that I could learn more than the places I’d been to before. I learnt heaps in the classes, the meetings and through being part of this community. The counselling and case management were really different too – they were really good.

Also you go to 12-step meetings which I found valuable as you actually have to go there so there is no choice (unlike out in the real world). For me it meant I gave it a try and I wouldn’t have otherwise. I realised there are other people out there like me dealing with the same issues.

A few other things I really appreciated at Arrow Health, especially compared to other rehabs, was that the property is really lovely. It gives your brain the space it needs to sit with things and process thoughts. Not being in the hustle of the city really helps. The rooms are clean and spacious with your own ensuite and there’s always good food always around.

There is a gym which I used a lot and the yoga/meditation available is a great option to help recovery. All up, Arrow Health is a great place to attend if you are struggling with the gruelling issues of addiction. You will come out of this rehab with tools to help move you forward in your recovery journey.