Client Story: Learning How To Live

Arrow Health’s program is not just for addiction but for life in general. I didn’t just learn how to get clean and stay clean, I learnt how to live a healthy and happy life. I learnt so much about myself and about communication, and self-awareness and behaviours and how to change them.  I learnt the tools to be the person I want to be in the world.

The skill set and knowledge I gathered in 60 days I don’t think I could have obtained in any other environment. The professional and interpersonal relationships that developed were unique. I didn’t come here with any intention to make friends – I came here for help. My life was becoming a train wreck. I was miserable. Nothing was working out. And I had a drug problem that was far more serious than I was willing to admit. Now at the end of my stay, I feel I have the tools and skills to continue my path in recovery. There are even people I wish to stay in contact with for the rest of my life. True friends.

Being thrown in with a group of strangers, all at their lowest ebb, learning and getting to know the best and worst of their lives has been quite a profound and privileged position to be in. It’s been truly humbling.

I came to rehab filled with despair. I left filled with love. I know it sounds cliched but it is really how I felt.

Re-reading this note it sounds like a blurb for Arrow – it’s not! It’s what I found!

Seriously, going through this program is one of the best life experiences I’ve had.

Everyone should do this regardless of addiction.

I wish the government would fund programs like this every 5 years for the whole population. If they did, the world would be a better place, that’s for sure.