What is rehab really like?

Are you considering rehab but feeling a bit uncertain about what to expect once you walk through those doors? If you’re expecting a sterile environment, that’s not what you are going to experience at Arrow Health.

On your first day we run you through an induction into our Therapeutic Community (TC). You will be taken for a tour around the premises and will be made comfortable in your own private room with ensuite.

You will then be ready to start your inpatient addiction treatment (also known as residential rehab) program. The program works in blocks and you can choose from 30, 60, or 90 day programs which you can extend and repeat as needed.

The TC is guided by 5 core values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Being aware of your actions and how you affect others is vital to being part of the Arrow Health community. Our program provides an opportunity for reflection and self-awareness as well as the strategies, tools and support needed for you to implement the changes you want to integrate into your life

Daily life in the Arrow Health house.

Each weekday starts at 7am with a walk or another group exercise activity before breakfast at 8am. On weekends and public holidays there is a slightly less structured approach to life in the Arrow Health house.

After breakfast and the morning routine of medications and room checks; group therapy and psycho-education sessions take place. These are an opportunity for you to improve your self-knowledge and awareness regarding your addiction. These sessions are split with a break for morning tea.

The TC breaks for lunch around 12:30pm, before an afternoon filled with workshops and activities. There is also an afternoon tea to split up the move between programs, which may include art therapy or cooking classes.

Throughout the program you will get to be involved in a variety of workshops. These will help you to develop a range of skills that may either be directly related to substance use (e.g. how to avoid triggers) or apply to broader areas of continued sobriety (e.g. communication skills and ways to manage stress/anger).

Before dinner you will have some free time to go over your learnings, reflect on your morning, relax, socialise, rest, or do whatever you feel you need.

In the evenings there are meetings, community time, activities, and free time.
At about 10:30pm it’s lights out, as you retire to your private room for a good night’s sleep.

We hope that this has helped give you an idea of what inpatient rehab at Arrow Health is like and what to expect when you come to our Therapeutic Community. If you have any questions or would like to discuss addiction treatment with us please call on 03 9533 7888 or fill in our contact form to have more information sent to you.