Private health rehabilitation

Private health rehabilitation offers you the tools for success

Entering a private health rehabilitation treatment centre provides you with the tools to regain control over your life. At Arrow Health, we provide a caring environment where you can identify your triggers, address unhelpful patterns and behaviours, develop self-awareness, learn healthier ways to cope, and completely change your life.

  • We offer detox & withdrawal services at our private hospital.
  • Our outpatient program offers group therapy, education, and relapse prevention so that you can kick bad habits with complete support.
  • Our inpatient rehab program is for 30, 60, or 90 days. Our residential program is located in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria and we are health fund endorsed.
  • We know first-hand how addiction can impact a family and how vital family support is. We care about the individual grappling with addiction but also helping families understand addiction and recovery to ensure inclusive support.

Private health insurance for rehab and related services.

Based on personal experience, we understand how hard it is to find quality private health rehabilitation treatment that works. We also appreciate how difficult it can be to focus on and understand the ins and outs of private health insurance.

We are a private, health fund-endorsed facility, and private health insurance usually covers the cost of the detox stage of the treatment process.

  • We have our own accredited private hospital that accepts private health insurance.
  • Excess and gap costs vary depending on your level of coverage. We will help you understand the details of your plan.

Here is a PDF we have put together ‘Am I Covered?’, to help you with understanding private health insurance and it’s coverage for addiction treatment services.

How private health insurance can help cover the costs of rehab

Private health rehabilitation offers you the chance to receive the treatment you desperately need. It all begins with detox and the withdrawal/detox stage of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is covered by many private health insurance providers. Using private health insurance to offset the costs associated with a treatment program can reduce the stress on you and your family so that you can focus on getting healthy and learning strategies to create and maintain a life of sobriety and contentment.

Please contact us to get the help you or your loved one desperately needs to lead a healthy, fulfilling life free from addiction.