What does the VicRoads Behaviour Change Program involve?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Arrow Health’s VicRoads Behaviour Change Programs and what is involved.

Why do I need to complete a VicRoads Behaviour Change Program?

If you have committed a drink/drug driving offence you are required to complete a Behaviour Change Program to regain your driver’s licence.

You will receive a relicensing letter from VicRoads advising which program you are required to complete.

What are Behaviour Change Programs?

Behaviour Change Programs have been developed to help you identify why you have committed a driving offence and provide you with an opportunity to examine the consequences of your actions.

There are a range of programs available at Arrow Health.

  • Drink Driver Program
  • Drug Driver Program
  • Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program

As part of the program you will develop an action plan to support you not to repeat offend. You will also be encouraged to seek professional assistance if you have concerns about your substance usage.

What do I need to do to complete a Behaviour Change Program?

To earn a certificate of completion you will need to:

  • Arrive promptly for your course
  • Participate in all activities including group discussions
  • Complete the provided handbook
  • Complete the drink/drug questionnaire to determine if you would benefit from further support.

Once you have successfully completed your course you will be provided with a certificate to submit to VicRoads.

When do programs run at Arrow Health?

All programs are available from our Armadale location on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 10am and 1pm.

How do I enrol in an Arrow Health VicRoads approved Behaviour Change Program?

Please contact Arrow Health on 03 9533 7888 to book into our next Behaviour Change Program sessions. Please be aware that payment is required to reserve your spot. This can be paid via credit or debit card.